onsdag 26 januar 2022

Message to the Indian journal Revolutionary Democracy

10 years of struggle for revolution and democracy

In the ten foregoing years, years comprised with much confusion and some backlashes for the revolutionary and progressive movement, the Indian journal Revolutionary Democracy (RD) has contributed greatly to shed light upon controversial historical events and crossroads of the international communist movement; hereby assisting revolutionaries in readjusting their compass amidst the turmoil created by imperialist propaganda and its revisionist aides.

By translating, republishing and reviewing newer and elder material, correspondence and publications referring to the socialist period of the Soviet Union, the RD has made this material available to a number of communists and revolutionaries worldwide. It has enabled our magazine Revolusjon to make some of these articles and sources known to progressive Norwegian readers. The RD has at the same time paid great attention to analyzing the current situation and the tasks of the revolutionaries on the Indian sub-continent, thus helping us in Europe and elsewhere to better understand the nature of, and the obstacles confronting the revolutionary process on this continent. In this way, the RD journal has played a significant role, and we believe that it will continue to do so in the years to come.

Compliments to editor Vijay Singh and the editorial board!


The Marxist-Leninist journal Revolusjon (Revolution)