onsdag 15 juli 2020

The nation’s robbers and hucksters

It is not foreigners, Muslims or immigrants who pose a threat to our national values. The threat comes from big capital and its parrots in government and parliament.

Not only do the governments of capital steal the treasures of the nation and the people, they also trade the loot if given the opportunity. For them the concept of  “nation” is merely a tool for creating support for Norwegian imperialism and its pursuit of new profitable markets. But the interests and sentiments of the Norwegian people and the working class are contrary to those of the political and economic elite that play up to the popular masses while they at the same time plunder us to the bone.

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NATO's favourite Social Democrat dog of war

Former Prime Minister and Labour Party leader Jens Stoltenberg has been appointed next Secretary General of NATO.

The Norwegian right-wing Government of Erna Solberg, as well as the Labour party leadership itself, are bursting with pride on behalf of the Norwegian administration as well as that of the Labour Party. The neo-liberalist rightist government has been actively lobbying in order to ensure that Mr. Stoltenberg, supposedly a political opponent, would replace Danish Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Bruxelles.

NATOskullBut the Norwegian people have no reason to rejoice Stoltenberg becoming the front-runner for NATO's "Drang nach Osten." His assignment is to spearhead an aggression eastwards, which in the worst case could end with another major European war. A Norwegian Secretary General of NATO will mean that Norway to an even greater extent than hitherto will spearhead this expansive alliance when it engages in new wars of aggression. It will bring about even more NATO-subservient media, more militarization and more looting of taxpayers' money.

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Anti-fascist struggle in the aftermath of the July 22nd massacre

On July 22nd 2011, Norway experienced the worst massacres since the Nazi occupation during World War II. A total of 77 people, most of them youngsters attending the summer camp of the Social Democratic Youth League (AUF), as well as some civil servants and bypassers in the government locations in Oslo, were slaughtered in these terrorist actions.

The governmental area in central Oslo the day after the bombing.One of the damaged governmental buildings in central Oslo the day after the bombing.The culprit was a Norwegian fascist, Anders Behring Breivik (32), with social roots in the better-off class district of Western Oslo and a former member of the Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet), an ultra liberalist right-wing party with an electoral base of around 20 percent.

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Fascist killings in Norway: The massacre of the Knight Templar

Norway was on July 22nd 2011 site of the worst terrorist attack in the Nordic countries since the Second World War, perhaps the most systematic slaughter of young people ever in recent history.

Oslo covered in flowers on Monday, July 25th.
A unified response. At least 150.000 people brought flowers and took to the streets in Oslo on 26 July. Similar rallies were held all over the country.

The death toll is so far estimated at around 80 people, out of which 68 are mainly youth who attended the summer camp of AUF (The youth organization of the Social Democratic Labour party).

Now we know that it was not fanatical Islamists, but the blonde, conservative westside boy, business founder, freemasoner and former Progress Party member Anders Behring Breivik (32) who was responsible for the bomb in Oslo and the massacre of 85 young AUF-ers on Utøya. A crime he has now confessed to have committed.

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- We owe nothing and we will not pay!


Greece is at boiling point. People are furious. The economic crisis has turned into a political crisis for the social democrat prime minister Papandreou and the bourgeois political institutions. The weeks ahead are piled with crisis meetings and sessions, in the parliament and with the EU, in order to "cope with the crisis".

Fra protestene den 15. juni 2011.
From the protests on June 15 in Athens. Photos from poreia.wordpress.com

The bourgeois media are giving the impression that the greeks are lazy money-wasters and that the EU is in an awkward position having to consider whether or not to "allow" Greece to get even more indebted. In reality this debt has already been paid off by the Greek people, while on the other hand, Germany for example still has not paid war damage compensation to Greece …

Revolusjon has put some questions to a comrade from the Movement for the reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE 1918–1955) in order to get a more precise understanding of the current situation in the country.

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