torsdag, 20 02 2020

Bitcoin and crypto-currency – a new dotcom bubble or liberation from the control of the banks?

Crypto-currencies are compelled to find credibility, literally speaking, in the "old" currencies. While tapping on the door to the future, they are also tapping vast amounts of electric energy.

Crypto-currencies, with bitcoin as the most renowned one, are in many ways beguiling. They can help us avoid that every transaction we make gets monitored and logged by the authorities. We can borrow from anyone. Banks, interest rates and fees could become a thing of the past. The people could, so to speak, become masters of their own means of exchange.

Sadly, this beautiful story is too good to be true.

The bitcoin dilusion.

Norway's first Bolshevik (1948)

Greeting Speech to Adam Egede-Nissen's 70th birthday. Printed in Friheten 21 June 1948.

Adam Egede NissenAdam Egede-Nissen (1868-1953)Which worker, male or female in Norway, in Scandinavia, yes, even beyond its borders, does not know Comrade Egede-Nissen. For certain, in the Soviet Union his name is beloved, admired and honoured. Was it not Comrade Egede-Nissen who was among the first ones during the first fiery months after the October Revolution to come to our Soviet republic to greet the young Soviet republic and to shake hands with Lenin and Stalin.

The situation was then very serious. The Soviet republic was threatened by the German offensive and the interventionist armies from 14 capitalist states.

The Britons took control! Denmark next?

The people have spoken up against the establishment. 52 percent of the Britons want to get out of the European Union under the slogan 'Take Control'.

brexit2Scaremongering failed to convince a majority of UK citizens to remain in the EU. The outcome of the referendum has infuriated finance capital and its politicians. Mainstream media channels and European newspapers have been floded with sorrow declarations and disaster alerts.

Xenophobia and how the working class should respond

The ruling class is trying to blame immigrant workers and refugees for the ongoing disintegration of social security and workers rights, claiming that social welfare will be "unsustainable".

Construction workers.With the inauguration of Sylvi Listhaug (Progress Party[1] as immigration minister the most reactionary forces now have a mouthpiece who underpins racial and cultural prejudices with an impact that the untalented fascist and racist organizations could only dream of. Migrant workers and refugees are blamed for almost everything.

Compel Yilport to sign a CBA with Norwegian dockworkers!

The Turkish port operator Yilport Holding is challenging workers’ rights in several countries.

Rally for the dockers in the port of Oslo on 22nd June 2015. © CC-BY-NC JRSRally for the dockers in the port of Oslo on 22nd June 2015. © CC-BY-NC JRSFor more than a year and a half, dockers in Norway have been struggling in a number of ports for their union rights, for their jobs and to establish or defend collective bargaining agreements (CBA). In the port of Oslo, their opponent is not only the Norwegian Employers’ Association (NHO), but even more so the Turkish operating Company, YILPORT, part of the Yildirim Group.